Dec 17

Nu-Tek Salt Becomes Nu-Tek Food Science

Technology changes our lives every day. It enables greater innovation in all fields. Also, it expands our world view. Reflecting the certainty of change, one of our portfolio companies is now Nu-Tek Food Science. They have changed and have innovated beyond the scope of our earlier dreams.

Our company is an incubator dedicated to finding solutions for the health and wellness foods market. We look for new product ideas and help develop expert technological solutions to bring about healthier food consumption. For many years, we have been on the cutting edge of sodium-reduction science, and Nu-Tek Food Science’s products have succeeded in the industrial food processing market.

With the development of Salt for Life, a sea salt blend for consumers. Now, Nu-Tek Food Science products will continue the mission throughout the food industry.

According to Nu-Tek Products’ founder Tom Yezzi, “The food industry is moving toward the need for healthier foods across the globe. Nu-Tek Products actively searches for promising avenues of innovation and entrepreneurs who are driven to find technological solutions to pressing food issues.”