Business Stage Acquisition

Nu-Tek Products’ experienced management is highly skilled at taking an idea, business or product in any stage of development and making it successful in the marketplace. Our 17-year track record demonstrates our ability to move an idea forward and create profitable quality products and services.

Start-ups – Nu-Tek Products often works with individuals and small companies that have a great idea for a product, service or application, but lack capital, business acumen and industry connections. By providing this background, we increase the chances for success and visibility with potential customers.

Intermediate Stage – Parties needing an “extra push” in the final development or market placement of their product or concept often come to Nu-Tek Products for financial and consultative assistance.  Nu-Tek Products enjoys “completing the puzzle” in these situations.

Late Stage – For products that are already fully developed (and nearly or already on the market), Nu-Tek Products has the established expertise to increase market share and enhance marketing.