Venture Requirements

Nu-Tek Products accesses ideas, business plans and the market dynamics before investing in a company. We want to work with entrepreneurs with technologies in the food ingredient and biotech industry who may not know the intricacies of successfully commercializing a product. In order to be seriously considered by Nu-Tek Products, our prospective clients must meet a number of criteria.

Clear exit strategy. A planned exit strategy must be available for the product or company. The attractiveness of a potential business to others is a critical part of selecting a project. Exits can include sale of equity through a merger, acquisition or in some instances an IPO.

Protected IP. Intellectual property provides the basis for investors to place their resources at risk. Intellectual property is an integral part of value creation in a technology-based enterprise and as such is a critical element in obtaining funding. The appropriate use of the intellectual property system is a powerful tool for competition, stability and mitigation of risks on capital investments.

Competitive Advantage. The competitive advantage of a startup corresponds to the possession of rare core competencies that radically create value to customers. A firm can truly say they have a competitive advantage if competitors cannot easily imitate their core competences. Although it sounds very abstract, a competitive advantage is easy to articulate. The competitive advantage of a company is the unique specialty that no other company has in the market.

High-Market Value Potential. A startup’s market potential defines the total sales that the startup can eventually make. Market potential depends on three individual parameters: market need, market size and market penetrability.

High ROI. (Return-on-Investment) The earlier the financing stage, the greater the risk, the greater expected return, and the greater percentage requested by Nu-Tek Products.