Nu-Tek Salt, LLC

Nu-Tek Salt produces a low-sodium salt substitute that can be used interchangeably with standard salt to reduce sodium content 33-50%. The product offers a much more cost-effective solution to competing products without sacrificing finished product flavor.

Nu-Tek BioSciences, LLC

Nu-Tek BioSciences produces soy peptones that are proven to increase growth rates and yields of microorganisms such as B. subtilis, E. coli, L. rhamnosus and L. acidophilus.  These soy peptones are used in microbiological media, fermentation media, cell and tissue culture media.

Nu-Tek Fibers, LLC

  1. Nu-Tek Fibers is an early stage company focused on producing highly functional fibers from soy and sugar beets. Nu-Tek utilizes patented technology to produce fibers that can be used in high performance films and coatings. Applications of this technology include: flavor delivery, drug delivery and medical device coatings.