How We Work

We actively seek to connect with entrepreneurs who have great ideas for products and services for use in the food and biotech industries. By choosing the right projects today, and providing sufficient resources, Nu-Tek Products aims to cultivate and grow these ventures into thriving and sustainable enterprises with multiple exit strategies.

The Nu-Tek Products team is committed to producing high-quality solutions for its clients and business partners. Consisting of a highly skilled group of professionals, the team strives to provide natural and environmentally friendly ingredients that are both functional and cost effective.

Nu-Tek Products has successfully utilized partnerships and/or acquisition to gather trade secret and patented technology. These technologies have been further developed to produce a variety of unique products. Once developed, the products have been successfully introduced and proven to be sustainable in the commercial marketplace. These products fall into the following categories: protein hydrolysates, soy fibers, pectins, specialty sugars, low sodium salt and fermented or cultured products.

Nu-Tek Products has incubated value-added ingredient businesses providing specific functional properties in a variety of applications. These applications include functional food ingredients, yield-improving fermentation ingredients and products used to make specialty films and coatings.

Nu-Tek Products has assisted the creation of products in the following distinct markets:

  • Food and pet food markets as functional ingredients.
  • Nutraceutical market as digestive health ingredients and immune system enhancers.
  • Yield-improving ingredients for culture media used in drug and vaccine production.
  • Medical applications market for coatings of invasive devices and films for drug delivery.

Strength in technical know-how: When you work with Nu-Tek Products, you will benefit from our team’s years of experience developing and promoting successful products in the industry. Our staff and resources will take your initial concept and take it to the next level.

-Technology – Nu-Tek Products’ professionals are skilled in the field of scientific review, experimentation and product development.  Our technical expertise is widely respected and well known among industry insiders.

-Investment – Due to the critical nature of finance in product development, Nu-Tek Products has access to a wealth of resources that help turn ideas and concepts into credible, highly successful products.

-Marketing – Since products can only become successful if they are widely known and respected in the marketplace, it’s essential for them to be well marketed. Our professional staff has years of marketing experience in introducing and building product brand awareness.