Nu-Tek BioScience, LLC

nu-tek-logo_bioscience_webTechnology. Value. Solutions.

Nu-Tek BioScience develops and manufactures peptones and protein hydrolysates for the biotech and wellness foods industry. Our range of products reach the human and agricultural marketplaces.

In the biotech area our peptones are used in microbiological media, fermentation nutrient systems, as well as, tissue and cell culture media.

In the wellness foods sector Nu-Tek’s products are used to manufacture allergen-free probiotics and nutritional protein hydrolysates.

Nu-Tek BioScience utilizes proprietary processes to produce peptones that are proven to increase growth rates & yields. Our superior customer service creates value in manufacturing.

We are a solutions-based manufacturer. Our flexibility and openness to innovative thinking allows us to provide customized products to meet your needs.

Company timeline
  • Technology acquired in 2008
  • Commercial production and sales in 2008
  • Started expanding the customer base in 2008
  • New customer approvals in 2011
  • Expand production capacity in 2012
  • Preparing to initiate a capital raise
  • High margin
  • Limited competitors
  • Few manufactures manufacturers
  • Lengthy sales cycle prevents new competitor entry (7 years)
Nu-Tek BioScience Peptones are:
  • Hydrolyzed proteins for Life Science applications.
  • Animal-free, non-GMO soy and pea peptones.
  • Approved by major pharmaceutical companies.
  • Accepted worldwide.
  • Pharmaceutical/vaccine fermentation
  • Microbiological media
  • Diagnostic medias
  • Probiotic fermentation
  • Infant and human nutrition
  • Cell and tissue culture medium
Product use in:

Meningitis vaccine by Sanofi Pasteur

Nu-Tek BioScience soy peptone is the preferred embodiment in their patent for conjugated meningitis vaccine. Visit