Dec 17

Salt for Life, a Better Salt Taste with Less Sodium

Shake it! Cook with Salt for Life, season your foods with Salt for Life, purchase packaged foods made with Salt for Life, and reduce your salt consumption by as much as 50 percent or more!

Nu-Tek Food Science has introduced a technologically advanced formula using the mineral potassium chloride (PC), the common salt substitute available for decades, but with a re-engineered particle that reduces the bitter aftertaste of earlier salt substitutes. The taste is more “salt-like” than anything else on the market today. And it’s cost-effective! The company reports that ten of the top thirteen food processors have been using our advanced formula PC to provide healthy alternatives in processed foods, such as meats, baked goods, dairy, and cheese.

Individual cooks should find Salt for Life in grocery stores and supermarkets—and it’s available online, too. Salt for Life  (a sea salt blend with 70 percent less sodium) is a beneficial way to maintain low-sodium diets, as well as simply provide enjoyable food experiences without the risk of over-indulging in sodium seasoning.