May 15

NuTek Food Science Achieves Unprecedented Levels of Sodium Reduction with the Support of its Significant Patent Portfolio

Company’s Patents for Processing Natural Salts Enable Great-Tasting Food and Improved Nutrition
Omaha, Nebraska (October 30, 2014) – NuTek Food Science, the company behind two revolutionary salt products, NuTek Salt and Salt for Life®, announces that it currently has seven patents issued and eleven pending relating to sodium reduction in mainstream foods. To-date the company has been able to dramatically reduce sodium on most foods in the range of 30-50 percent and oftentimes in excess of 50 percent. NuTek is working closely with global food manufacturers and restaurant chains to help them achieve their sodium reduction goals and provide delicious foods
with improved nutrition for their consumers.
Dr. Sam Rao, the company’s Co-Founder, Vice President of R&D and Chief Innovation Officer, is the thought-leader behind NuTek’s many patents. Dr. Rao, a food scientist and biochemist, has a tremendous track record of innovation across thirty years in the food industry, including leadership in development of Ultragrain and Sustagrain flours, and the probiotic that became named Culturelle. “The technological breakthrough occurred through numerous, multi-disciplinary experiments over several years,” explained Dr. Rao. “I knew potassium salt had great potential but it also had some inherent shortfalls in taste, that I am proud to say our team at NuTek Food Science has overcome,” added Dr. Rao.
NuTek Food Science has secured an impressive portfolio of intellectual property and continues to build the R&D pipeline. The current patents issued to the company are directed to a relatively simple, yet ground-breaking, approach to processing potassium chloride salt resulting in NuTek Salt.
The company’s earliest patents were issued in 2008, the most recent was just a few months ago in 2014, and it has eleven more pending. The core wet processing technology behind the patents has demonstrated repeatedly the ability to use NuTek Salt to replace traditional sodium salt at unprecedented levels in mainstream processed and prepared foods, without compromising taste, functionality, or affordability. “In my nearly 40 plus years working in the food industry, I have not seen a collection of intellectual property like we have,” expressed Founder and CEO of NuTek Food Science, Tom Manuel. “It is highly motivating to know that we at NuTek Food Science have the ability to positively impact the health and wellness of consumers globally. By partnering with major food companies from around the world, we are creating great-tasting foods with far less sodium content and much greater potassium content. The combination of which dramatically impacts both the health and enjoyment of our end consumers,” added Manuel.
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studies using NuTek Salt.